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Hi again

The two gigs with NMA were a success. Our old stock of CDs was sold out - luckily we were able to find few more in Italy. (Don't ask...), so we might have some stock left for the merchandise table next gig also.

My latest project includes a scrap bicycle found in a forest. Litterally, it was dumped in a bush. I carried it home just to see, that there was some damage above the bottom bracket - I hope the welding is done well so it can be turned into something nice or is the recycle bin waiting for it.

See the project page

Idea is to convert it into a single speed winter bike, paint it bright and see how it goes. =)

Have a nice weekend all,

- pete -

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Comment by Michael Levin on October 10, 2008 at 9:46am
Reuse, Recycle! Exceptionally promising frame! The best things are found in forests, garage sales, gifts. Lex is the expert here with bike frame welding.

I also like the Zenphoto digital album software used in the Crescent Project page.

NMA == New Model Army.

I listened to your Nazca music here while I wrote this... I especially liked "Real Love". Real love "is everywhere"... real love "tastes like chicken". I needed a smile this morning. Thanks!


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