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Xmas on it's way, year coming to a change -- time to wrap up 2009

Hello all fellow-zoobirders!

I hope you are all fine and feeling good.

My 2009 has been a good one. Work has been good, new ideas and development and more responsibilities.

Bike has been riding all year round - only four (4) days I have commuted to the office with something else than a bicycle. Plus the long summer ride from Helsinki to Joensuu that I mentioned earlier.

Musically it has been a quiet year - only 10 gigs (with 5 different groups) plus some studio work, but the quality beats the quantity this time - so it has been good also.

Other than that, I got married in October to a woman I love. (we met over 10 years ago, moved in together a bit over 9 years ago, so it is not a very new situation, but still somehow it is. in a good way).

I wish you all the best for the rest of 2009 and a Happy New Year 2010 - let it be the best so far for all of us!


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Comment by pete korhonen on December 22, 2009 at 4:13am
I think I could be more active on the subjects Michael mentioned on his comment and I am considering contributing here on more regular basis. ;)
Comment by Michael Levin on December 21, 2009 at 1:10pm
Pete: Wedding congratulations, and those years you mention are the pinnacle of life. On riding in all sorts of weather, the biking certainly contributes to mind, body and spirit.

We've followed your links to Nazca to MySpace and enjoyed your drumming. Anytime you want to put links up or post music on your page or the Music Zoo, especially, know that it will be noticed far and wide. That retrospective on the ride to Joensuu was delightful. I think you should start a memoir/journal as outline of your approach to life involving restoring bikes (your style, specifics), riding in all weather and the type of physical therapy you practice, all incorporated into your lifestyle. Fascinating! The contrast of the orange frame and blue wheels is striking. There's a term for that in the art world. It's used often in Ireland. Purple and yellow do similar contrasting. Time for a Ciöcc ride...


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