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Les Rapides, at The Congo River

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Les Rapides, at The Congo River with children swimming, a boat and Kinshasha, DRC on the far shore. A new set of photos at the Flickr link!

NPR is running a series of stories this week about the Congo River and just this place.…


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English as a First Foreign Language

Interesting perspective here. I'm chewing on it. What do you think of the assertions that "not speaking English" is isolating and "English is
becoming the universal language"? See http://www.englishffl.org/

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Notes from Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

I've blogged a lot about this place and why I am here, so I'll summarize (read www.facebook.com/mikelevin

http://jroller.com/Sandymountster ;

http://www.codetown.us/ and…


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{BotD} Bike of the Day ::: Bilenky



This Bilenky bike was parked in front of the Whole Foods in Winter Park, FL. It’s fitted with couplers that allow you to break it down easily to ship.




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Greetings from the Congo

Parrot in a Tree in Brazzaville, Congo

Hello, Zoobirds!

I'm in Brazzaville and the air is thick with all sorts of diffternt smells. Mycol Stevens could probably identify the fungi growing on the tree I see right now. There is a big trash fire spewing smoke down the road. I hear birds singing, mostly parrots. I haven't eaten yet, for a while now, since it was a… Continue

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The Last Frontier Of A Scary New World


The Link above is video and interview about the

Rawsome Raw Food Raid in L.A. that happened recently because the organic

food store was supplying "raw milk"!

Explained in the interview we come to grips with the last straw before the

Federal Government Takes total control of all food.

Below is a Video explaining Senate bills that will allow this… Continue

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Not a normal bee day!

(CNN) -- Tuesday was anything but a routine day for Deputy Brandon Jenkins, who spent three hours in his patrol car after nearly 50,000 honeybees decided to park on it.

The Wake County Sheriff's Office officer had responded around 9:40 a.m. to a call of a person possibly being attacked by bees. He found a disabled truck on U.S. 64 a few miles… Continue

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A Tribute to Charles Bukowski...on his birthday!

Charles Bukowski. Iconic. Unique, original, prolific. What he wanted to say, he said. He wrote tremendous numbers of stories, poetry, and what he wrote, he wrote without shame,

in a clean, terse style. In fact, his style was the only clean thing

about his writing. He wrote about the track, about women, gambling,

skid row, depression, obsession and cooked up the seedy side of life so

well that despite…


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Urbanites Switch to Farming

Thanks to Aisling's blog for calling attention to this… Continue

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From Woodstock to the Gulf:Dolphins Songs override bp oil spill

From Woodstock to the Gulf:Dolphins Songs override bp oil spill

There are all kinds of brilliant efforts being done by common folk, guerrilla herbal, and, enzyme healing efforts at the waters edge,healing circles

and global prayer initiatives, with foot dragging, red tape,trickery

lies and utter laziness by those who should be slaving night and day…

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Obie's Papaya Smoothie

Delicious Papaya Breakfast Smoothie, via Obie Fernandez at http://www.facebook.com/l/e856e;post.ly/sGRE and http://post.ly/sGRE

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Butterfly at McRorie Community Garden

This is my favorite photo from McRorie Community Garden. Have you got some favs to share?

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Father John Gillespie, Director of St. Augustines Church and Catholic Student Center, long-time board member of St. Francis House, and a strong advocate for the homeless and hungry people of Gainesville for many

years, is being reassigned to a parish in St. Augustine. He went before

the City Commission many times over the years, strongly supporting the basic

human rights of poor and homeless people, most recently during the ongoing


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Appraisers Starting to Value Green Homes In The Market

We've known all along that constructing green buildings makes sense. So many organizations and consumers recognize this as well as our own city and municipal power plant. Now the Appraisal Institute is recognizing the need for appraisers to understand that there is a real monetary valuation to homes that are not only saving energy and money but also less hazardous for their occupants and better for their communites' environment. Read the full post… Continue

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Jerry Garcia and Ripple

It's a good time to relax and reflect. And, how better than with some soft, acoustic music. Today is August 9, 2010 and Jerry Garcia is being honored tonight at the SF Giants game. Let's remember him here… Continue

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Want to go barhopping with me tomorrow?

Hello "wanna go" crew,

We're not getting older, we're getting smarter. For instance, many college kids' idea of a good time is to go downtown, hit the…


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Edible Plant Project and Abundant Edible Landscapes


Gainesville is home to the Edible Plant Project, recently featured in the Gainesville Sun. It's all about edible landscaping. What a great idea! Why not plant foliage that is not only beautiful, but also… Continue

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TGIF - It's weeding time!!

Find more music like this on Zoobird

Can you believe it's August? It's been a great summer. We still have nearly a whole month until the weather even shows a hint of cooling down. I went through my patch and did some serious weeding before hitting the road last month for the west coast. I predict the collards, cabbage, chives, potatoes, and mint have been culled by Eric, my kimchi making friend. At… Continue

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Life is a continual series of experiences, one leading to the other, until the soul arrives at its destination.

Bowl of Saki, August 5, by Hazrat Inayat Khan…


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Sarah's Salad

Sarah's Salad

Sarah whipped up this delicious salad at the Portland Hawthorne Hostel just before heading out to the Brew Fest.…


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