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Coffee Zoo!

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It's easy to roast your own coffee. Just take a handful and put them in a pot over a high heat. Roast them until brown. It takes five to ten minutes. Then, grind and brew. Coffee… Continue

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The Garden ::: Chapter 3

I looked around the garden. There were patches with flowers, patches with herbs, and some patches with vegetables. I bent down and rubbed some rosemary between my fingers. I smelled it. What a lovely smell! When I looked up, I noticed someone else in the garden on the other side.

So, I walked over and said "Hi! I'm Michael Levin". He said "Hello! My name is Sh'mal". I wasn't sure I heard him, so I asked him to repeat his name. He said… Continue

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How does your garden grow?

My garden has kale, collard greens, lambs quarters, garlic chives and sweet potatoes. Since I started gardening, my overall well-being has dramatically increased. As a result of eating organic vegetables, my health has definitely improved. I've lost weight. My eyesight is better! I love to garden. Plus, I have met so many interesting and friendly people at the McRorie Community Garden. No negatives. It's a lifestyle change for me. Now, I look at every meal as an…


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Living Small ::: What is Enough?

Slingshot: "For me, the idea of living small in particular means figuring out what enough is and taking joy from having enough, rather than chasing my tail hoping I'll someday be happy if I just have a little more. Enough doesn't just refer to money or things -- figuring out enough goes for everything humans do from work to play to love to stimulation. Figuring out what is enough and achieving satisfaction with it is hard but can be a… Continue

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Dancing in 42 Countries!

Thanks to Zoobird Dana for sending us this…


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The Garden ::: Chapter 2

A piece of the earth in a community garden to call my own! I was so excited. I thanked Maura and my mind filled with thoughts of how nice it was to be given the opportunity to join a community garden. I thought about what I'd do with my 20 by 2 foot strip of earth. And, I took more pictures. Then, I hopped on my bike and rode off.

As you know, my passion is travel. It opens the mind. It forces you to think beyond the normal bounds of everyday life. Travel opens…


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The Garden ::: Chapter 1

Dear Sh'mal,

First of all, I want to thank you explicitly for bringing me into this beautiful world of organic gardening and all that surrounds it. Yes, I found the McRorie Community Garden on my own while wandering around SE Gainesville on my bicycle looking for the Hawthorne Trail.

And, yes I had gotten a start before I met you by talking with Daniella and Maura, our garden administrator. But, as you recall, there appeared an obstacle in the…


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Tai Chi - a Gentle Way to Health

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese martial art practiced worldwide as a form of exercise and meditation. It is an effective strengthening technique that is gentle to the joints and muscles. No special equipment or setting is required. There are a series of movements that comprise the Tai Chi exercise. They are easy to learn. There are many free resources that will assist you in learning the movements. I recently borrowed a DVD from the library that demonstrated 37 Tai Chi movements.…


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A Sh'mal World

Here's a message from Sh'mal that he said I could share with Zoobirds. This came after I sent him the beautiful shot of McRorie Community Garden at sunset you see above.

"Michael, how much more nostalgic can you make my life than by showing me a picture of that corner of the garden, or maybe a corner of this planet, that has been an integral part of my life for the past few years? It is my life. All…


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