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Michael Levin's Blog – August 2009 Archive (14)

Curbside Gardens and Wildflower Lawns

Shmal mentions curbside gardens as a comment in the Community Gardens blog post. This is one I saw on the PedalPalooza Permaculture ride in Portland, OR. The idea is that even if your community garden is full, you can manage to plant some good things if you're creative.…


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Community Gardens

(Seaside Community Garden - photos by Michael Levin)

A new community garden is being organized in Winter Park, FL! A group cleanup occurred last weekend. Plans are in the… Continue

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Gainesville and the Bat Situation - UF bat house collapses, thousands left homeless...

It looks like there's a dire situation in Gainesville, FL. A bat house has collapsed. Thousands of bats are homeless.

Here's some detail from the University of Florida:

University of Florida News: "Thousands of bats left homeless when the internal… Continue

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The Earth, Weather and the Seasons

(NOAA Image)

Claudette, the first tropical storm of the season hit the Florida panhandle today. Our garden in central Florida is a long way from the panhandle. The skies are blue and puffy white… Continue

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Great Day at the Garden!

Today, I visited my patch at the garden. Click on the photo above to see some of my favorite things in the garden. You'll see some nice, ripening jalapeños. The cinnamon basil is finally growing enough so I can grab handfuls of it. There are some delicious cherry tomatoes. You'll see some urban mandalas. The mandalas have been moved to new places in the garden… Continue

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Don't Fence Me In

Howdy, Zoobirds! Thank God It's Friday! This little tune should get your weekend started off right. Thanks to Marko Stankovic in Belgrade for the…

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H2Oh No! World Act of 2009 (S.624)

Ina Calvano sent me this video and request from Houston, TX:

"I just watched a video from charity: water, in which Matt Damon shows us the terrible plight of the hundreds of millions of people who live without access to clean water and sanitation. Read the rest here, in the All About Water… Continue

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Pepper Dress

I've been looking for a reason to include Super Alisa in my Zoobird blog. Her writing is amazingly clever, funny and on target. This pepper dress was the ticket. Her stuff has nothing to do with organic gardening, but hey, it's peppers and we have a Pepper Zoo. WTF. Anyhoo, it's funny, worth browsing and I like… Continue

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Home Organic Gardens ::: What to plant now?

(Pedalpalooza Permaculture Tour - checking out Home Organic Gardens in Portland, OR - photo by Michael Levin)


Fall is approaching. How do you decide what to plant? It depends on a few things, like where you live and what you like to eat! Portland folks love home gardens. Oregon has fertile ground and lots of rain. Florida, on… Continue

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Daikon Sprouts from Seed...already!

(photo of last Spring's Daikon radish at McRorie Community Garden, by Michael Levin)

Updated with photo!

I couple of days ago at the full moon, I wrote about germinating Daikon radish seeds. They've already sprouted! Nice way to start the day. Sh'mal, I sent you an envelope full of seeds yesterday. It's August and the temperatures are already… Continue

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Sh'mal in Time

Sh'mal has a birthday coming up on September 8th. So, Sh'mal wrote this poem with the birthday in mind.

Sh’mal In Time

I keep finding my way, sometimes circuitous,

With each step, ahead of the other;

Sometimes carefully placed,

Many times foolhardy...

Read the rest… Continue

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Fall Planting Full Moon

Hooray! It's a full moon tonight. And, Sh'mal tells me he's already gotten a head start on Fall planting in his garden in Seattle.

Here's what the Daikon radish looked like last year when Sh'mal first gave me his plot at McRorie Garden in Gainesville.

We collected some… Continue

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Elephant In Motion

Hi Everyone,

We entered a video contest sponsored by the Washington State Bar Association titled: “Justice for All”. Sarah Jane Lapp spent months working on it totally as a project of the heart for the elephants incarcerated at Woodland Park Zoo and at all zoos.

One of the ways the winner will be chosen is by how many views it receives on YouTube....

Read the rest… Continue

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Qi Gong is the Alphabet

Imagine yourself at the beautiful coast. Looking down, your view is full of things. Looking up, the view clears and becomes simpler, less busy, calmer. That’s what each movement of Qi Gong brings to you. Qi Gong brings focus. Purpose. Qi Gong eliminates what clutters your mind and body. What’s left is filled with what you’re looking for…

Read the rest… Continue

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