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Ciocc and love


You know that feeling you get as the sun is setting, the weekend is winding down, and you just wanna get out and ride (the Ciocc!) ... and, along comes an article that you just have to read? 


This is one of  'em. Hear the expression "too long, didn't read" tl;dr? Well, try taking your eyes away from the magic that came from Pelizzoli's lips as he failed to…


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Serrano and Ginger and Chocolate, oh yeah!

(Photo from cupcakestakethecake)

Yep, all these peppers you're harvesting just about now have more than just the obvious use. A coffeeshop buddy named Bill told us yesterday that jalapeno lemonaid sounded…


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Community Gardening ::: Out with the Old

My patch at the community garden has blessed me and my friends and family with lots of broccoli and salad greens this past season. The collards were abundant and I made use of some, but this season my collard tastebuds weren't as attracted to the leafy green collard buddies I usually befriend. 


End of last week I pulled ut the remains of the broccoli and the collard greens.…


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Healthy Eating Plate ...and the influence of big business on the food pyramid

There are so many opinions about healthy nutrition. I found this article and the accompanying image very interesting. The comment about influence from big business is also thought provoking. Who can argue with a diet rich in fresh fruit, veg and…


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Shmal Writes at Elephant Journal!

News Flash! Our friend Shmal has been accepted into the writers fold at Elephant Journal! Publisher in chief Waylon Lewis is a member here at Zoobird. You can find Shmal's writing at the following…


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Our Gal in Gabon ::: Naomi Butterfield!

Naomi has made a big move. She's gone to Gabon! Yes, her heart beat a different rhythm and decided it was time for a major change. Click here to see her Zoobird profile. And, here's her blog. It's sure to be filled soon with photos,…


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The Blue Ciocc

I just love this bike. If I my legs were a little longer it would be PERFECT! It's a blue, blue Ciocc and it's a beauty.

I got it a few years ago specifically because a friend told me he was interesting in getting into road biking. I saw it and thought it would be perfect for my friend. He never bit - I told him about it over delicious Korean food one night…


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Springtime at the Garden

Springtime at the McRorie Community Garden

Plants are blooming, bees are buzzing, and all's well at the garden. We made a delicious dinner last night using the florets from our prolific broccoli. This was an easy meal: we sauteed the broccoli florets in a little olive oil, added some garlic and salt and then poured in a little tomato sauce and pre…


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Our Soul Sheds Tears

May 8, 2012



Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg






In my meditation this morning I began to concentrate on my soul; sort of looking for where it is in my body. I know though that my total body is my soul. It is not a place: It is all of who I am. As I sat and quietly and I watched my breathe, the term “soul force” came to…


Added by Sh'mal Ellenberg on May 7, 2012 at 9:45am — No Comments

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