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January 2010 Blog Posts (15)

Rain Barrels

I saw a rain barrel collection setup last weekend at Indigo Green Store that made me want to do one myself. Abundant Edible Landscapes has installed a large drum and fitted it with a solar panel to power a small electric pump for irrigation. Fantastic! We're in Florida and there's lots of rainfall. Even so, the soil is sandy and not absorbant. It's also a good idea to utilize rainfall as a… Continue

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McRorie Gardeners Justin and Lindsay say Hi!

A Great Day at the Garden

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Random acts of Kindness

I dropped by Shmal's Facebook page and found this in his latest post.… Continue

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Weeds and Fallow Gardens

8th Ave Bike and Coffee

Yesterday I ran across a tattered copy of "The People's Guide to Gardening" at Indigo Green Store's Earth Bag Homebuilding workshop. It said leaving our garden bare for a little while after weeding is the best way to keep the little weeds from coming back so soon.

So, there you have it. It makes sense that weeds cling sometimes to other plants.… Continue

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Italian Steel, Legendary Frames and Good Vibes... It's easy as ABC

8th Ave Bike and Coffee

I dropped by 8th Ave Bikes and Coffee this weekend. I'm calling it 8BC from now on, because I'll be talking abut the good vibes, Italian steel, and legendary frames to my friends.

8th Ave Bike and Coffee

What we have here is a… Continue

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A Great Day at the Garden 1/17/10

A Great Day at the Garden

Yesterday, I headed up to McRorie Community Garden and had a look at my patch. There were some radishes ready to pick. Thanks to Zoobird Bob Tuskin and his Survivalist seeds for these! I gathered some mint and collard greens, as well.…


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Community Gardening....at McRorie

McRorie Community Garden

The photo above is one of the first I took of the McRorie Community Garden. It's been a cold December-January, and some freezes have had an impact on the plants in our garden. But, today, for the first time in weeks, it's both warm and dry. The sun is shining. You can click the photo above and see the album I made of the McRorie Community Garden and all the people there. It's… Continue

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How to Make Kombucha Tea

I've been curious about kombucha ever since Zach Lutz wrote about here on Zoobird. I tried it for the first time the other day at a coffee shop in Orlando called the Drunken Monkey.

Read the rest…


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One Love - A Great Day at the Garden 1/13/10

We have had some cold weather here in Gainesville, haven't we? Well, settle back, click the video above and listen to One Love performed by musicians around the world and have a stroll through McRorie Community Garden with me...

A Great Day at the Garden

Here's yours truly, happy to be at the garden. But, it's been freezing at night and some… Continue

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Falkland and S Georgia Island Wildlife

You probably saw Sandra Critelli’s viral Stingray photos (more accurately known as Cownose Rays or Golden Rays Rhinoptera Bonasus ) as they circumnavigated the web. If you missed them, click here. Sandra just took a new set of photos from the Falkland and S Georgia… Continue

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Amazing Grace

Bob Sh’mal Ellenberg

908 NE 115th St.

Seattle, Wa. 98125




The others left at 6:15 p.m. I came to the house to relieve Lynn for three hours while she went to a Buddhist meditation class and Mary, Bob’s daughter and her husband Tom were going out for something to eat. They would all be back around 9:00 or 9:30.

I sat in the living room for fifteen minutes reading when it came to me I should be in the bedroom… Continue

Added by Sh'mal Ellenberg on January 11, 2010 at 8:16pm — 1 Comment

Helsinki Wool Ride Jan the 6th 2010

The Helsinki Fixed Gear and Single Speed people (aka. yksivaihde.net) decided to gather together to have a nice wintery ride, since for once the winter weather in Helsinki is more like "snow and cold and shine" than the usual "slush and water and ice and mud and bad winds and total darkness".

So at 1PM the group of about 20 bicyclists gathered together in the city center and took a ride around the city center. Weather was nice, there was no wind and the temperature was around -10'C,… Continue

Added by pete korhonen on January 8, 2010 at 4:30am — 1 Comment


If you have not gone to a mucis event at the Plaza (the old movie theater on Bumby across from Beefy King) then you need to do so! Fantastic venue and great music and prices.
This Friday night Jan 08, 2010 what a great way to see and hear a taste of New Orleans in Orlando
Marcia Ball with our hometown girl Beth Mckee.
Check it out.

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Life is like a Mustard Seed

"What is life?

It is like a mustard seed - smaller than all seeds.…


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