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Enhance your Garden with Worms!

Hello all Zoobirds! I'm back from Ireland and Scotland. It was a good trip. All went well until Saturday. I somehow caught a bug on the plane back and have been feeling sick until now. Who knows what caused it. I've been eating rice and chickpeas under strict orders from my doctor. And, sleeping a lot. I think I am better today...but I am going to take it slow. Meanwhile, there's nothing stopping me from writing!

Today is a special day. It's the Jewish new year,…


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Signing up

I met someone here in Dublin who lives in Berkeley, CA. She said she doesn't own a house, lives in a small 1bdr flat and her friends sometimes comment that she is such an "un-slave" to fashion. She said she lives like this because she doesn't want to sign up. Now, she is a hospitalist, so there's no real financial issue, but her point is that she lives way below her means and only materially to her needs. I like that philosophy. Comments?

PS - I hope we see her here in Zoobird! That's…


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Mixed emotions

Hello all

Sorry about the pause on the postings. There has been some things going on.

Last Sunday I learned that one fellow that used to play in band one of my bands has shared a gig for a couple of times and with whom I have been sitting in a bar chatting, talking having fun had been killed in a fire on carbon monoxide poisoning. R.I.P. So unneccessary, so sad. Gadget called carbon monoxide detector costs around $50. Get one. Today. I did, yesterday.

For that… Continue

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Coutryside weekend

Our friends and us (me and my girlfriend) spent last weekend in countryside. Some Sauna, some beer, some boardgames, some walking trips outside, some bbq-cooking, fire in the fireplace. Very, very relaxing.

Some shots:

Apples were almost ready.

Barley was almost ready.

Sorbus berries we strikingly red.…


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They whirled below me, happy, heartless, free,

While I was left alone, all to myself,

They danced, they sang, they even called to me;

I did not hear them, standing on my shelf

Of sorrow, hanging high upon a wall

O solomn, rigid wood; I watched that crowd

Below me, gliding through their spacious hall,

I would not join them, I was much too proud.

But suddenly my nailed shelf gave way,

I left it and went realing through the… Continue

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I have been writing sonnets, one a week. I cannot write one now, as I am busy preparing fror the storm which is quickly coming in.

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Irish Organic Lifestyles

Some of you know that I once lived in Ireland. Well, the next entries you'll get here will be from Eire. I'm going back to the Emerald Isle tomorrow for the rest of the month.

Donal O'Hare's place is one stop I'll make. Donal is a tree specialist with the Republic of Ireland. You see me with his dog, Sparky, at the top of beautiful Wicklow Mountain in the photo above. I'll tell more about Donal and his work in the…


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Shine like a star

Yesterday, we went on recording the forthcoming album. We finalized two more tracks with the rhythm guitar parts and some extras. Quite exiting.

After the session I was cycling home and I ran into a large group of sports fans heading towards the Olympic Stadium of Helsinki (home of Summer Games 1952) where Finland was playing againste Germany in the Football (Soccer for some Americans) World Cup qualifiers. Saw the game in tv, result was 3-3 - which is a good result - Germany being… Continue

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"'cos it's raining, raining all day, and i'm diving deeper than ever.."


althought the forecasts tell that the rain will stop today and we will get some sunny and crispy weather. We'll see about that. The lyrics in the title are from Psychoplasma's song called Raining. Excellent song.

Today, after work, I am supposed to go to our "home studio" to help our guitar player to record some track to our punk-rock-bands ("Kätyrit" = The Henchmen) next album. Other guitar player - the one that is used to operate the studio - moved to Manchester… Continue

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rainy day

took the usual morning ride to the office.
it was raining. and it was windy. somewhat autumny feeling in the air.
reminded myself that perhaps a mudguard on the rear would not neccessarily harm me.

Added by pete korhonen on September 9, 2008 at 2:30am — 1 Comment

A Good Day at the Garden

The spring harvest yielded wonderful vegetables. There's a view of Sh'mal's patch in May '08. You can see the collard greens in the center, which are the hardiest veggies in the patch. Just to their right is kale. The garlic chives (three sprouts on the bottom of the photo) make for delicious additions to salads and many recipes. The Daikon radishes are huge. See the lush, soft patch of lamb's quarters near… Continue

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Letter to Sh'mal

In case you Zoobirds haven't met Sh'mal yet, here's a video I call "Sh'mal, the benefactor" to introduce him:

And, here's a letter I just wrote to Sh'mal, who has moved to Seattle.

Hi Shmal! I sent you a shot of the garden I took yesterday and you replied:

"Looking at the garden makes me feel that I'm still there."

The earth was very soft and easy to work with. The weeds came up pretty well. I am…


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Zoobirds Write!

We have a magic community here at Zoobird! Here are some of the things our members have written about:

Robbie, my vegan friend I met at the NW Hostel in Portland with his friend Gabby, who I hope joins Zoobird, has taught me so much about healthy food. Gabby has, too!…


Added by Michael Levin on September 1, 2008 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

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